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Marc A. Rubin

Monroe, CT 06468 - marcr63@gmail.com
Resourceful, creative, innovative and successful Technology, Operations and Business leader, manager and mentor with development, operations, systems, infrastructure, QA, vendors, and support services experience available to help build YOUR business.

Technology - Business - Systems - QA - Support - Infrastructure - Strategy - Operations
Project Management - E-Commerce - Customer Service - Analytics - Development

  • Strategic and tactical leadership, planning and support for technology, operations and business initiatives.
  • Project and resource management for development and operations of internal and external systems.
  • Created, maintained and managed processes, procedures, policies and training for development, QA and operations.
  • Managed, mentored, trained and supported internal staff and systems users.
  • Led customer and client support, providing service, satisfaction and results to clients and repeat business.
  • Managed internal and external information and communication systems and infrastructure.
  • Full life-cycle development of applications and systems (SDLC) Agile, Waterfall, Iterative and Incremental models.
  • Designed and developed secure, scalable, redundant and highly available data and systems infrastructures.
  • Managed web hosting and co-location (Windows, IIS, MS SQL Server environments).
  • Negotiated and managed client and vendor agreements, costs and ROI.
  • Developed and managed Service Level Requirements and Agreements (SLR / SLA) and certified compliance.
  • Drafted and tested disaster planning and recovery systems (DP / DR) including risk and failure identification, detection, assessment, analysis and avoidance.
  • Managed staffing, budgeting, financial planning and training for direct reports and teams of up to 60 people.
  • Managed and implemented Internet marketing (SEO / SEM / PPC / online branding) with proven results.
  • Recent development with PHP, ASP, SQL, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. (WAMP and LAMP)
  • Prior development with C, C++, VB, VB.net, ASP.net, Java, Oracle, Sybase, Intel and Motorola Assembler.
  • Business apps include MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, and Outlook), Photoshop, CMS and CRM.
  • Extensive CPG, POS, brand marketing, modeling and analytics experience from 1993 - 2000.

Recent Awards, Publishing and Education

ComFit Learning (Communication Fitness) awards:
2007 Innovation Pipeline Accelerator Award for Educational Software Company from CT Technology Council (CT.org)
2006 Award of Excellence from Technology and Learning (Techlearning.com)
2006 Excellence in Innovation Awards for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction from CT Technology Council (CT.org)

"Outsourcing: Good Business or Bad Planning?" (Cover story) Equity Magazine, December 2003

BS Computer Science with Distinction, Concentration in Technical Communications - Clarkson University - May 1985

Special Training:
The Science of Programming
Quality for Software Development, Project Management and QA

Work History

Consultant 2010 to Present - Various clients and projects including:
  • Developed a Flash Video (FLV) education site using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML and CSS.
  • Provided due diligence services for a company evaluating the merits of an acquisition.
  • Advised on implementation of an Amazon.com e-commerce site.
  • Advised on enhancements for a national awards site.
  • Continued work for ComFit.com (see ComFit Learning below).
VP Operations 2009 to 2010 - LeadQual, LLC
  • Lead operations for a multi-location call center providing internet lead qualification services.
  • Managed enhancements and upgrades of information and communication systems.
  • Oversaw servicing of major accounts and new client implementations. Improved quality of services.
  • Analyzed internal and client business actions and results. Used results to refine strategies and operations.
  • Streamlined processes and procedures for implementations, reporting and improved account management.
  • Reduced OT and staffing costs by aligning staffed hours to client needs and improving overall efficiency by 30%.
  • Personally developed and QA tested tools, utilities and reports with PHP, ASP, SQL, MySQL, Access and Excel.
Consultant and Mentor (volunteer) 2009
  • Managed customer on-boarding and implementations for a fuel oil dealer platform and CRM solution.
  • Provided in person and online mentoring to high school students and teachers taking part in a 21st Century Skills education program run by Education Connection. (ctcconline.org, skills21.org, educationconnection.org)
  • Judge for 2009 and 2010 CT Student Innovation Expo.
CIO, COO and Consultant 2005 to 2/2011 (full-time through 2008 and part-time to 2/2011) - ComFit Learning
  • Lead the technology design, development, implementation, launch and enhancements for the ComFit Online Learning Center, a Scalable, Configurable, Multi-Tenant-Efficient SaaS offering primarily using ASP and SQL.
  • Provided leadership, vision and management for an on-line, award winning, learning product.
  • Planned, evaluated and directed all IS and IT systems, networking and infrastructure needs.
  • Developed and operated systems and infrastructure to meet and support current and future business goals.
  • QA of all features and complete end-to-end evaluation and testing.
  • Initiated processes and procedures for improving operations, QA, and providing the foundation for repeatable successful implementations and more than 50% increase in renewals.
  • Updated network and infrastructure to improve stability and operations for growth.
  • Provided top level personalized customer service and support to hundreds of end users.
  • Managed creation and launch of the Mathematics portion of the learning center.
  • Managed customized sites and infrastructure for McGraw-Hill (MHHE) and Education Link (edlinkusa.com).
  • Mentored and trained others in proper methods of operations, implementations and customer service.
  • Managed technical operations, purchases, vendors, SLR's, SLA's, security, processes and infrastructure.
  • Saved more than 35% on web hosting costs, improved security and increased overall capacity by more than 400%.
  • Increased Test Drives by more than 50% by reworking SEM, SEO and search engine landing pages.
  • Won 3 industry awards (see above) while CIO and COO.
IT and Business Consultant 2003 to 2005 - Various assignments
  • Managed technology, projects, QA and client deliverables for a marketing communications agency. Increased revenues and business by improving client relationships and deliverables.
  • Designed and developed key components of a fault tolerant E-commerce engine to enhance and accelerate the transactions for online stores with data caching, guaranteed order acceptance and content management. Also helped redesign, enhance, and QA web sites including Case Logic, Conair, Orange County Choppers, and Remington.
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) 2000 to 2003 - Leasetrading.com
  • Lead the final implementation, launch and enhancements of the first to market auto lease transfer web site, a Scalable, Configurable, Multi-Tenant-Efficient SaaS offering primarily using ASP, SQL, and COM Objects.
  • QA of all features and complete end-to-end evaluation and testing.
  • Saved more than $300,000 on development and hosting with improved operations, security and fault tolerance.
  • Managed all IT, QA, SEO, SEM, PPC, operations, vendors, SLR's, SLA's, security, processes and infrastructure.
  • Automated numerous operational processes to reduce lease transfer time by 50%.
  • Implemented processes and procedures that led to improved in customer experience, lease listing and support.
  • Worked with lessors and other business partners on strategic initiatives.
VP of Technology 1999 to 2000 - kid-e-sport.com
  • Technology leader responsible for all information systems, internal and external development, website applications, network and internal operations for a combination learning and E-commerce site geared towards kids and sports.
  • Joined company 1 week after dismal launch to repair a failing and feature lacking E-commerce site.
  • Worked with vendor to quickly stabilize site and create an agreed upon severity and missing capabilities list.
  • Quickly resolved additional missing functions and revised vendor charges to be based on completed capabilities.
  • Managed move of site to a secure co-location facility.
  • Brought development in-house and eventually built a new, more robust and successful site.
  • Co-created affiliate program, online marketing campaign and portal measurement criteria.
  • Worked on SEO, SEM, PPC, banner ad and link exchange campaigns.
  • Resolved escalated customer service issues and mentored others for future handling and future issue avoidance.
Director / Manager (Business and Technology) 1997 to 1999 - Applied Information for Marketing
  • Was member of the management team in roles that spanned strategic program management, client and project management, technology and development. Company developed enterprise financial planning and modeling tools for CPG companies.
  • Managed executive level projects, people and budgets, kept goals in focus and delivered on time resulting in satisfied clients, profitable endeavors and repeat business from our largest clients.
  • Designed the architecture and led the migration of our Trade Promotion product to support simultaneous multi-user data access.
  • Designed the changes and led the Y2K effort using far fewer resources than previously budgeted.
Business and Technology Consultant 1996 to 1997 - Various assignments
  • Reworked business process portions of a multi-tiered client/server production system to adhere to new global regulations for import and export of specific manufactured goods. Created reporting capabilities providing more detailed information about the contents and whereabouts of the goods for improved customs clearing and tracking.
  • Worked with a client to tighten controls and develop new functionality for their on-line global commodities trading system. Redesigned and architected portions to more accurately reflect the business processes involved in the trading, payment and reconciliation processes. Created new and timelier reporting capabilities tailored for increased accuracy and flagging during reconciliation.
  • Managed process of determining fundamental business, development, architectural and operational flaws for a production inventory system. Mentored staffs to better understand business and architectural requirements of a multi-site inventory system. Led effort to make required architectural and programmatic changes and informed the internal business community of the efforts involved to bring them a more robust, sophisticated and real-time inventory control system.
Director - Technology and Business roles 1993 to 1996 - Inter-Act Systems, Inc.
  • Delivered critical projects, products and initiatives including key strategic milestones as part of the executive leadership in newly formed interactive marketing company. The product was an in-store targeted sales and marketing kiosk that was wirelessly networked to the stores POS system for tracking and enhancing CPG sales volumes.
  • Took existing prototype and feedback from sales and marketing and created a next generation capabilities, design, technology and development strategy document.
  • Presented concept to investment groups' chief technology evaluator resulting in an additional multi-million dollar investment to build and install the product.
  • Managed the development of the new system including the targeting engine. Personally developed new kiosk portion.
  • Managed creation of the Network Control Operation and trained new employees.
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